New contact information for Joe Morris and Denver Vold:

Dear Friends,

For decades, the law firm of Vold & Morris has been at the forefront of providing superior estate planning solutions for you and all of our clients. We have always urged you and our other clients to plan ahead so that you can deal with whatever challenges life brings your way.

We have been blessed. We have been able to practice our special kind of caring estate planning for the citizens of Kansas and Missouri. In recent years, we have been mindful that all of us…Denver, Joe, our staff, and our clients…indeed our entire society have been aging. We have always known that there would come a time when circumstances would force us to make changes in our practice. Hopefully, like the good stewards we have urged you to be, it is now time for us to be pro-active and to put into place plans so that we can be sure your legal needs will be met for years to come.

With that end in mind, we have each found a new place to “hang our shingle” so that we can train a new group of talented attorneys in the "Vold & Morris way." For any further correspondence, please contact us at our new locations.

As we have been for the last four decades, we remain indebted to you for all you’ve done to make our law practice such a roaring success.

With great admiration,

Denver Vold and Joe Morris