2/23/08 “Moneyline” Recap

February 25th, 2008

On Saturday, February 23, 2008, Denver Vold, Joe Morris and Seamus Smith were guests on Peter Newman’s “Moneyline” radio show on KMBZ-980 AM radio. They discussed the benefits of leaving a child’s inheritance in trust, which include: (1) protecting the inheritance from a child’s financial immaturity; (2) protecting the inheritance from a child’s creditors, including those arising from divorcing spouses, bankruptcies, and lawsuits; (3) if the child is on government assistance, such as Medicaid, preventing the inheritance from being an ‘available resource’ that disqualifies the child until it is spent; and (4) if the child is financially successful, allowing the child to benefit from the inheritance without it being subject to federal and state estate taxes upon the child’s passing.


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